Commercial Mortgage Fees

There are a number of fees which may be incorporated into commercial mortgages, we have outlined the key areas below. These will need to be factored into your financial forecasts and projections if you are considering purchasing a commercial property.

The key areas for which fees are typically charged include:

  • Lender arrangement fees: this will normally be payable to the commercial lender in return for setting up the facilities. This will either need to be paid upfront, or alternatively can be financed over the term of the commercial mortgage.
  • Application fee: This is payable to and we will pay the surveyor to carry out the survey of the proposed property. The valuation fee will be required to be paid on submission of the application form. The valuation which is required for a commercial premises will be more expensive than for a residential property.
  • Success fee – In certain instances a broker success fee will be charged on drawdown of a commercial facility.
  • Administration fee: We charge a non-refundable administration fee of £250, which is payable when the facility has been accepted by a lender. We charge this fee due to the complexity of the application process. We will where appropriate assemble a business model to assist with the application.

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