Commercial Mortgage Rates

Commercial Mortgage Rates will vary depending on a number of factors, the financial institution which you are borrowing from, the type of facility that you are seeking, the terms which you are looking for and the relevant experience. In addition, the amount of deposit which you are prepared to contribute will also determine the interest rates available to you, as well as the fees charged.

Depending on whether you have fixed rate interest or variable rate interest  will determine whether you have fixed monthly repayments or variable repayments, variable rate repayments will be linked to either Finance House Base Rate or Bank of England Base Rate.

In addition you will need to consider whether you require interest only, or capital repayment funding along with the proposed terms.

Our lenders rates are constantly changing and we can quickly provide you with an indication for the types of rates that you may be able to achieve, as we maintain close relationships with a range of banks and other boutique lenders. Contact us today to get an indication for the types of rates which you may be charged.

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