Industry Sectors

We have divided the types of commercial mortgages which we are able to provide for specific industry sectors, to enable our clients to find information which is specific for their requirements. The terms which are available to different businesses may vary significantly, for example a Doctors or Dentist will normally require less deposit than a factory. We have set out an overview of the general terms for each sector within the industry specific pages that we can assist with providing commercial mortgages:


Commercial mortgages for leisure includes: sports and leisure facilities, golf clubs, gyms, pubs, clubs, nightclubs, casinos, bars, Bed & Breakfasts, guesthouses, hotels, cafes.

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We are able to assist with a wide range of retail units, including shops and retail parks.

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We can help with a number of industrial commercial mortgage solutions, including; light industrial units, industrial parks, warehouses, factories and storage facilities.

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Care Homes

We have specific experience of financing care homes, nursing homes and hospices.

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We work closely with professional connections, and provide mortgages for architects, accountants, doctors, dentists, lawyers/barristers and lots more.

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