Retail Commercial Property Mortgages

The acquisition of a retail unit is for many businesses a logic step in the growth of their businesses development. Either as a unit from which the business trades or as an investment, this will provide stability and potential long term growth for the business.

We have assisted a wide range of different retail acquisitions, including hairdressers, newsagents, bookies and many more, right up to high end retail developments.

The rates which are typically charged will vary based upon your experience in the industry, the strength of the business which is trading from the premises, with a retail acquisition, the strength of the tenant will sometimes determine both the rate and the amount of borrowing which is available.

Interest rates will vary, but you should expect to be paying a minimum of Bank of England Base Rate + 3 – 6%. In addition the level of deposit will vary depending on a number of factors, but you should expect to have to provide at least 20 – 25%.

Please contact us using the details provided to discuss your funding requirements.